Forbidden to play: here are all the countries without gambling

When it comes to gambling, we certainly cannot say that "the whole world is a country", this is because the laws that regulate it are not always based on the same cultural basis. To remain on the subject of ways of saying it is more correct to mention "country that you go customs you find", because in an era in which the game is enormously widespread there are actually places where it is absolutely prohibited under all its forms ( while almost always providing exceptions.

Gambling, a question different from country to country

Especially by dealing with Digital game via the web it is almost always spontaneous to think that we are referring to that famous global village in which we all live according to the same habits and rules, but in truth it is not so and everything depends only on being born on that side of the world in which everything It is much freer to reach, "vices" and pleasures not always appreciated by everyone included.

Of countries in the world in which the gambling results completely prohibited There are different ones, mostly concentrated in Asia and in the Islamic world, but it is singular to see how in most cases there are more or less symbolic exceptions in any case that go against these prohibitions.

To begin with, what are the main reasons for these prohibitions? Most of the time they are reasons related to culture and to the religion However, they also have abundant social repercussions, as well as the attempt to keep poor masses away from the game that could be very penalized.

From this point of view we can mention countries such as the Cambogia, where the problem of ludopathy came out of control to the point of forcing the government to prohibit any form of gambling outside the few national lotteries and where it is in any case possible to go (if you are tourists) to the beautiful casino of Phnom Penh null A situation completely similar to that of the North Korea, in which any type of game is prohibited with very severe penalties, but where it is also an excellent mess (in Pyongyang, the capital) in which only foreigners can go.

Il Japan Instead, it has somehow made the reverse path coming from a total ban (only the traditional Pachinko game was granted) to get to a partial legalization of the earth's game. A funny detail is that in this case the exception is represented, another time going on the contrary, by provinces that have instead decided not to apply the new law while maintaining the game forbidden.

What to say of the Chinese, where the game is strictly forbidden but where there is Macao, who is now the largest world of Gambling tourism pole having practically outclassed for numbers also Las Vegas?

And the Middle East?

In the countries of religion (and culture) Islamic the game is prohibited in general, but also in this case there are particular situations that is worth mentioning: first of all the United Arab Emirates, where the game is absolutely forbidden and where an iron control also applies to the clandestine one, but where apparently it is possible in some way to access the online game precisely by exploiting the weakness of the controls in this case.

Il Qatar Instead, it is one of the countries with the most severe penalties and does not allow any kind of gambles including sports betting also in this case, paying close attention to the control of the clandestine game. But there is one though: accessing online gaming sites that are not based in the country is instead entirely legitimate, which creates a real discrepancy with the game of earth.

Situation almost similar to those seen in Asia is instead that of Lebanon, where the game is prohibited with the exception of a single authorized national mess: the Casino du Liban of Jounieh. But here too there is a "particular" exception given that there are ships with casino inside that bring passengers in international waters where they can play freely without breaking any law.

The rest of the Islamic world? The law is always similar, the game is forbidden, what changes is actually that there are no other exceptions that allow in some way to have access to both terrestrial and online gambling activities.

Our conclusions

It is interesting to see how in reality there are no few places in the world in which gambling not available, as it is even more interesting to note that the terrestrial game and the Digital game In many cases they live different destinies that sometimes favor both and sometimes favor the other.

Who knows if one day we will uniform the laws even only as regards the digital game, a point of arrival perhaps impossible and probably not even correct who, however, leaves a lot to think about how the game is instead completely allowed, favored and promoted in Europe and in the West in general: a reality that in our case allows you to carry on a great passion to live exactly like many others.

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