Denise Coates: the incredible story of the success of "Lady Bet365"

Everyone knows the name of Bet365, one of the mostly renowned and popular sports betting games (and online casino games) in the world, but perhaps not everyone also knows the story of Denise Coats, which is the "mother" of this incredible portal : If you don't know her, the time has come to discover its path without many precedents and terms of comparison in the world of online ghost giants.

Denise Coats: From Agency Sales to Bet365 majority shareholder

It was the now distant 2000 when Denise Coats (born in 1967 and today fifty -four years old), he worked as a cashier in the sports betting agency of his father Peter Coats, the provincial Racing, sharing with him the passion for the business of the Sportsbook, industry with a truly long -standing tradition in "them " Great Britain.

A passion such as to make them take the situation in hand insisting with the father to request a loan in the bank (as many as 20 million pounds) to finance the idea that somehow did not give her peace: the creation of a website in which to propose sports betting To be launched through an imposing advertising campaign capable of intriguing a country accustomed to bets in which, however, online realities remained a "mystery".

Once the family support is obtained, its first step was to buy the domain of the site on eBay, then immediately prepared to make their debut in the online market a March 2001, where he was immediately welcomed with curiosity and awards, so much so that he immediately projected on top of the Olympus of online gaming sites since his start.

The success of the portal is history if we consider that nowadays still occupies the top places of the sports betting industry, but its origin is also history, which has been in some way "threatened" by its being almost unpublished at that time.

The success of Bet365

Bet365 today is based in England, more precisely in Stoke On Trent, and is precisely among the Sportsbook portals more advanced and well -known ever, however, the risks at the beginning were not small: just think that when the coat decided to start this adventure nobody seemed to believe in his idea on the financial level. None of the many ropes of investors who had proposed the project had in fact proved to be interested, thus forcing her to use the guarantees that the father gave access (Peter Coat today as today is the owner of the Stoke City Football Club and his credentials are Always have been decidedly solid) to obtain the loan necessary directly from the Royal Bank of Scotland by getting as a guarantee all the family receivers.

Only four years have served to ensure that Bet365 paid off the debt with the bank, while only eight years later (in 2013) the portal is created to create profits for an equal of almost 190 million dollars: a real enormity that in the same year makes Denise Coats recognize as one of the hundred most important and powerful women in all of Great Britain.

A truly unique growth that nowadays places the portal in the top 10 of the sports betting sites, in which however it is the only one to still have a practically familiar management since for all this time it has remained in the hands of the Coats family, which over time has punctually refused any proposal for the merger and assignment of quotas: courageous choice as winning if we consider that today as today Bet365 moves well 65 million dollars a year using more than 4,000 people in the world.

A history of company success but also personal if we consider that in 2019 Denise Coats was the most paid CEO of England thanks to a "check" by Ben 423 million dollars of personal profit: a enormousness that, also combined with 9 billion of value of the company, has never particularly changed the lifestyle of Coats, which remains out of the public scene leading a particularly reserved life and all in all sober in comparison with the heritage of which it is strong and which it mostly uses to finance the Denise Coats Fundation, the beneficial fund she created that she recently donated 10 million pounds to English health to cope with the Covid-19 emergency in the country.

Our conclusions

Precisely a story of success and satisfaction, but also relating to a personal bet that, once won, has given the world to have fun betting in turn on everything that most seems to be winning.

A story certainly difficult to repeat that, however, remains a warning of how a good idea (if financed properly) is really capable of revealing the lives of many people.

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