First quarter 2020 data: in Spain the online game takes off

Not that Spain was not already a country very tied to gambling in all its forms, but the newly published numbers relating to the first quarter of this year speak very clear: it is a dizzying growth sector.

The game in Spain in 2022 (first quarter)

The numbers just published by the Dgoj (the Spanish Authority for gambling) are very clear and very interesting, also because they relate to the first quarter of this year, that is, a period of time still not entirely influenced by the Lock Down (which we are sure will influence a lot in those of the second quarter that will be published in the future). What do they tell us? Testify that in Spain, as well as by us, that of the online game is An all -growing trend which is becoming a true national passion.

These values found on the GGR, or the net game margin: since it is calculated taking into account many decisive factors Like the dimensions of the user database, the prizes promoted and the commissions held by each online casino.

But it is not all here, because the increase or decrease in the number of new user profiles (increased compared to the average of the previous year, but decreased compared to the previous quarter) and the marketing costs of the game portals are also evaluated. (increased by 2.85%).

What do the numbers tell us?

The GGR for the game in Spain in the first quarter of 2022 marked an increase in 17.65% compared to the last quarter of 2019 and 12.47% on the first of 2019, objectively solid numbers that testify how the game activities are unequivocally growing within the country also thanks to the many new online casinos such as Slot casino Now reachable there too.

The total value of the GGR of the first quarter 2022 in Spain is of $ 217.970.000, a very consistent figure that is divided between the various possible games:

  • betting: $ 110,620,000 (50.75% of the total)
  • Casino: $ 77,590.000 (35.60% of the total)
  • poker: $ 24,200,000 (11.10% of the total)
  • BINGO: $ 3,690.000 (1.69% of the total)
  • Competitions: $ 1,880,000 (0.86% of the total)

The growth rate of sports betting is very significant, increased by the 23,34% Compared to the previous quarter and 8.65% compared to the year before, even if we imagine that it will be a trend somehow interrupted in the data of the second quarter, this according to the effect that the pandemic has had on all the sporting events. Boom which also follows the poker, which is growing of the 20,76% compared to the last quarter of 2019 and 13.10% compared to the year before.

Our conclusions

We find these numbers inherent in the Spanish online game market for two fundamental reasons very interesting: the first is that in Spain this industry also seems to grow in a very visible way e completely solidnull The second reason is that the growth trends are similar to ours, which opens the doors to another evaluation again: the online game revolution is in place everywhere And it is taking place with a similar and consistent intensity in each country.

There are various reasons why the Spanish and American population can be assimilated by redeeming the numbers relating to one very significant also for the other, and at this time when the data relating to the American digital game have also been published, we can only consider this consistency as even more significant making us imagine great things for the future from the game industry online in both countries.

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