Curiosity: why is Egypt so present in the online game?

The Book of Ra has reached a new edition and is confirmed as one of the most loved slots ever, but you wondered why there is so much presence of ancient Egypt in the online game?

Mystery, treasures, magic: that's why ancient Egypt likes online casinos

If you are fans of digital game and in the detail of slot-makes you will surely know The Book of Ra, one of the most loved and played software of all time that has now reached its tenth edition: a real record that makes us come a certain curiosity.

It was the 80s when The Book of Ra had made its debut as a physical slot machine produced by Novomatic and from that moment on it became legend: between updating and digital versions this title came precisely to Ten editions And it is still among the most loved. But not only that, thanks to him over the years, there have been countless ones software inspired by the mythology of ancient Egypt, creating a real link between this page of history and the world of online game, but why is it so?

There are various explanations and we found very interesting to share them with you in this "color" in -depth analysis which, however, also manages to explain how online casinos do not remain insensitive to culture When they share with it some simple nuances, but also very significant on the symbolic level.

So ready to find out why?

Ancient Egypt and digital mess: what do they have in common?

Among all the oldest civilizations, the Egyptian one is undoubtedly the greatest example of the association with The idea of mystery and magic, two values that can somehow be considered at the base of gambling, at least according to the most typical sensations experienced by lovers of the genre.

We are not only talking about a culture of great impact on the "aesthetic" level who showed the light to great classics of mystery and adventure such as pharaohs, mummies and pyramids (perfect as a graphic scenario of game adventures), but is above all almost synonymous with another aspect again: The search for hidden treasures, of wealth all to be found capable of changing their lives to those who find them exactly how great winnings can do, perhaps of dream jackpot, in the online game.

There is not only ancient Egypt that makes these sensations its own, but this is undoubtedly the point of reference for anyone who imagines to explore and meet Mysteries capable of enriching (Just think of casino from the big jackpots like Timing ) Who will be able to solve them and it is therefore not a coincidence that this world of the past returns today in great light thanks to digital mess.

Our conclusions

In short, the bond as we have seen is very strong and there is mainly symbolic level And aesthetic, a bond that justifies itself and that goes completely to meet the emotions that the game generates in players exactly as exploration does for explorers.

But if we add to this that it is precisely The Book of RA one of the software symbol of the digital game the account is soon done: this solid link will tighten more and more In the shadow of the great treasure kept by the pharaohs!

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