Casino and Cinema: the most important films on gambling

Gambling is truly a great passion, but it is not the only one among the great passions that unite the masses because the cinema for many people is also something more than simple entertainment: what happens so when these two topics meet in Film that have as protagonist to begin gambling itself? Let's find out through some excellent examples.

Hollywood and gambling

What they have in common cinema and gambling? More than one thing actually: both are forms of entertainment, very popular amusements and for some people they are even essential, but that's not all. How many people who have never been to a casino have never known aspect and atmosphere? How many people who rarely travel beyond ocean can still say that they were "being" in Las Vegas? Many, millions, and all must say thanks to the cinema.

Hollywood over the decades has often gone hand in hand with gambling, casino or cards that it is, and many of his superstars have lent their face and their interpretations to impersonate lovers of the game of any nature and really tell the game in the game detail.

Just think of how many people know Blackjack thanks to Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise in "Rain Man"(Everyone knows that the cards cannot be counted!), Or how many have become an idea of the intricate world of Las Vegas by discovering it through Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and Sharon Stone in"casino“, But the list is long and over the years he has led to play players themselves: an example? Think of Matt Damon in "Player“, In which champions of poker Like Erik Seidel and Johnny Chan.

What to say about "Ocean’s Eleven“, In which the gang led by George Clooney goes to the Press of the most important mess of the strip? Or of "The sting“, George Roy Hill's masterpiece in which Paul Newman and Robert Redford have told the world of poker deserving seven Oscar awards in return?

The cinema and the game, Hollywood and Vegas: two universes that as we see have been linked to a double thread for a long time now making each other the fortune of the other, telling each other in the eyes of the world.

And in USA?

Certainly in general the amount of films produced in USA is not comparable to those made in U.S.A., but also from us gambling has played a role in films baked by cinecittà and other local cinematographic realities, an example above all is "Asso": Beautiful film in which Adriano Celentano, accompanied by Edwige Fenech, staries in the role of a skilled poker player reaching the point of playing a final hand with nothing less than God himself.

Or "Horse fever", That comes out of the game rooms to enter the racecourse, but which in any case well describes the passion for risky, arriving in truly hilarious comic points when she makes fun of, through very fun hyperbolas, all the characteristics, superstitates and manias horse racing enthusiasts.

And to conclude an example certainly lacter but really dear to everyone: those who can say, although they have never been in person, to know the beauty of the Casino di Monte Carlo thanks to the mythological "The second tragic Fantozzi"? We are sure that many players still play Roulette today by focusing on the twenty -seven still remembering him as "The number of my years" by Mr. Silvani played by the grandiose Anna Mazzamauro.

Our conclusions

In short, the link between cinema and game is not only tight, but it really has long since thereafter: a union that has precisely spread the culture of the game by somehow managing to tell not only the dynamics of the game played, but above all the passion that moves a player when he is sitting at the green table. But all in all what cinema is if not this, that is, the ability to tell the passion through images and to make worlds known up close that can not always be discovered from direct experience?

Now the real question, however, is another: when the Hollywood or American films will also enter the Online game? Is this also a declination of the azard that can be told just as well through a film? Only time will answer us, but in our opinion it is not very lacking in its debut and when it warns it will make noise.

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