Casino di Monte Carlo: the roulette will be (also) digital

We all know by fame the Casino di Monte Carlo, one of the oldest, fascinating and symbolic in Europe and in the whole world, and some of us also have beautiful direct experiences, but something is changing and it is the beginning of an important revolution null

Digital or terrestrial mess? Both of them

Raise your hand who has never heard of the Casino di Monte Carlo, one of the most beautiful and ancient fields for gambling present in Europe and in the world in general: we are sure that everyone, both gaming enthusiasts and anyone else, know about the existence and importance of this casino born in 1863, significant to the point of having played a substantial role in the very existence of the Principality of Monaco.

Given the importance of this casino, which remains the arrival point for all players in the world, just as important is the news of today because the monte Carlo casino is proceeding in what we are sure the time will confirm to be a significant first step towards the progressive digitization of traditional gaming halls: a point of arrival that we think is somehow obvious and that will lead to a further approach between traditional and digital game.

But before entering the heart of the matter there is a last important premise to make: this little great revolution does not aim to replace traditional roulette, but to increase their potential by supporting the digital roulette capable of involve more players Authorizing them also to overcome an understandable "reverential fear" towards such an important and significant gambling hall.

How will this big step work?

As just mentioned this novelty just prepared by the Casino di Monte Carlo does not aim to replace traditional tables with digital ones, also because it would be a real crime considering the beauty and symbolic importance that lead behind, but precisely to increase the effectiveness through the implementation of a digital environment Able to simply offer more possibilities for patrons.

The roulette of the Casino di Monte Carlo (but not only those of course, which presages a future diffusion of this solution also in the other casinos) mainly have two limits: a quantity of places necessarily limited and an emotional impact capable of intimidate The less experienced players, young people and all those who somehow feel uncomfortable in sitting alongside Habituè who evidently appear much more in with the environment. The meaning of this novelty is to solve these problems, and now we tell you how.

The solution prepared by the Casino di Monte Carlo consists in the presence of some digital panels that allow you to follow and aim (and to win if we are good and lucky) the games of traditional physical tables. In particular it will be possible to make any possible episode within $ 1.00 of mail, a choice that serves to dedicate these panels to those most "shy".

"A player who would be intimidated to sit at a roulette table can enjoy the experience a few meters away, in front of a screen, bet with the tickets. Learn, observe. And the purpose of this specific offer is to bring it to the table one day ”these are the words with which Boris Donskoff, the director of the Casino di Monte Carlo, introduced this novelty through which the structure aims to create a more "quiet" environment that allows the less experienced both to play as above all to learn from the play of other fans.

Our conclusions

In our opinion, it is a very important news, just to start for its principle itself for itself, which responds to 100% to our belief that gambling go somehow taught Giving players the opportunity to learn more and more by practicing in what is the real and serious game environment.

But that's not all, because as we said at the beginning of this article we think it is also a very important step on both practical and symbolic level towards The approach of the two half of the world of gambling, the traditional one and the digital one, which we are ready to bet that they will arrive one day to the point of converging almost completely.

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