Blackjack: a passion that comes to create real legends

Do you raise your hand who knows nothing about the blackjack? We are sure that there are not many hands raised (as long as there are) and if it is so it is thanks to the legendary fame that this game has taken over time coming to make themselves known even from those who do not have a real direct link with the gamble.

The legends of Blackjack

Because a game like the BLACKJACK Are you so famous that it is also recognized by non -players? Why are there arguments that make us feel almost "expert" even when we don't have a direct experience in this regard? Because some passions can take such relevance to be left behind real Metropolitan legends And this is also the case of Blackjack.

Who does not remember of the Babbitt brothers in Rain Man in entering the same way in a mess of Las Vegas where they are looking for the bang using Dustin Hoffman's qualities to count the cards at the Blackjack? Whether you believe it or not, a sequence of that film was enough to make this game know to all the world And that's how exactly the mechanism of legends that are created: perhaps not many have ever played at a "21" table, but almost everyone knows that it is forbidden to count the cards.

Don't you believe it? Ask the good Ben Affleck, Super Star of Hollywood that was moved away from the Hard Rock Casino of Las Vegas precisely because he made himself "caught" from the safety while he counted the cards exactly as in Rain Man. The result? Another legend: now he is the symbol of this game practice in the middle for fans!

The legends, however, not only speak of players who "challenge" the casino to win in Blackjack, but also of players who have instead received favor treatments from the game rooms precisely because they are considered special: this is for example the case of Don Johnson, who He had obtained a 20% discount on losses thanks to the frequency (and wealth) of his games. The result? He made fifteen million dollars Playing, and now it is a legend.

And the online version?

In Blackjack, as in all gambling, you win and get lost and in this regard it made the story Jerry Parker, a rather known player in Las Vegas for his interspersed important winnings to equally important losses: a dynamic all in all common to all players, except that Mr. Parker has managed to bring his doors to the Aspinal casino winning forty million in one night Through monstries that have sent the game room bankrupt.

But another funny story is that even linked to the Hall of Fame del Blackjack World that brought together all the players for an annual challenge in which to test their skills between champions: a prize now called Grosejan Cup after Mr. Grosejan was awarded it for three years in a de facto area excluded from the following editions. Because? Because, like Raymond Babbit in Rain Man or Ben Affect in Las Vegas, he too was too able to count the cards.

In short, a fame that in the practical act turns into a true passion that makes the Blackjack tables find punctually full when you enter a casino, so much so that it is now the game with the lowest payment percentage among all: a feature that reveals another curiosity still, that is, the success of the Blackjack Online, that by now pays much more than the physical one And that in turn has become a legendary bestseller in digital mess.

Our conclusions

As we know, the game is passion and passion leaves room for many different drifts, one of which is precisely the "sacredness" capable of transforming stories into real legends By also making them come to those who actually do not share the passion for played game reasons.

The result? It is an effect capable of feeding more and more these stories enlarged the fame of a game that is now in front of a new "challenge": to bring into legend also its online version played in the gaming portals that we used to review null Will he succeed? Will not succeed? It will only be time to say, but it is a bet that as far as we already know how it will end.

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