Atlantic City: the other Las Vegas who makes the US dream dream

Speaking of "casino" and "gambling" often happens to talk about Las Vegas, a city that has always been synonymous with these words, but in the United States there is also another incredibly important game center that makes the nights of the nights shine 'East Coast: is Atlantic City, the Atlantic city on the New Jersey coast that makes millions of players live all year round.

Let's find out Atlantic City

When it was founded, around 1850, Atlantic City He had a very different aspect from what characterizes it today, but the spirit of the city was the same: a large pearl placed at the end of the US land as the last bulwark before getting lost in the immensity of the Atlantic Ocean.

It had immediately become an elegant tourist pole, a coveted destination, the real flagship of New Jersey in the eyes of the rest of the States: a city that had immediately taken the flight enriching itself with large hotels and beautiful buildings and that found itself at grow becoming a real point of reference for American holidays especially in the 1920s and 1930s.

However, this growth had stopped undergoing serious damage from the effects on the country from the Second World War and by the mass diffusion of individual means of transport: a combined effect that around the 1950s brought Atlantic City to a rapid decline Accompanied by a great financial crisis that only a real revolution could have resolved.

A revolution that arrived in 1976 through a referendum that has Gambling legalized In the city precisely to revitalize an economy for too many years in serious suffering, a choice that in a short time has led to blind what has in fact become the second pole of the United States Casino tourism as well as one of the most important in the world.

Atlantic City: some curiosities

So much iconic is its importance that in time Atlantic City has become the protagonist of films, books and songs, all inspired by the lights of the city and dreams that makes all those who come to live it at night by getting lost in the green tables : a city in which to always stay around breathing its vibrations. Definitely beautiful images, but which are symbolically "blossomed" by one of the records by Atlantic City: the presence of several casinos in which to play at BLACKJACK o roulette stand even comfortably lying in your bed in pajamas!

Another interesting curiosity is that the coast on which Atlantic City is located today in the past was a prey area for fierce pirates, an anecdote also taken up by "Live murder", a film by Brian De Palma in which at a certain point the protagonist Nicholas Cage tells his way of seeing the city: “You know, they say that before, two or three hundred years ago , the pirates put close to those large rocks of the fake headlights, just over there. The ships regulated the route according to the lights, stumbled upon rocks and everyone went there to plunder them. One thing has changed since then: the lights are brighter ”.

With this phrase Rick Santoro, the main character interpreted by Cage, refers to the link between Atlantic City and the continuous thirst for money that characterizes a place where anyone who comes to burn or bankrupt, a vision that is somehow confirmed by a 'other unique curiosity in the world: it is precisely to this city that has taken inspiration for nothing less than the game of Monopoly!

We who grew up by counterattack by alley, Largo Colombo and Park of Victory we are used to names related to the American reality, but in the original version of the Monopoli the names of the streets are precisely those of the old Atlantic City.

Our conclusions

In short, Atlantic City is a city with a thousand stories and great charm, but it is above all a city that it can not miss Among the travels of true lovers of gambling and casino life: at this moment as we well know it is not easy to move around the world and it is certainly wiser and prudent to postpone the adventures at better times, but sooner or later we recommend a Everyone to try the thrill of one night among his mythical lights.

In the case of a short journey it would be perfect to give you also an opportunity to live the fairly close New York, but having an opportunity to spend some more time in the United States becomes the perfect starting point for a trip on the road to be concluded perhaps in Las Vegas!

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